This site was originally intended to sell myself on contracts in the UK as a highly skilled IT Engineer with top level security clearance.

Since my move to Canada it is now devoted to my dog Shyla, a female Golden Retriever, that we "adopted" on Jan 1st 2009 from Pet Country Estates, Innisfil.

To see photos of Shyla, growing up, please click on her name.

Should you be interested in any of the companies I have previously worked with, please select them from the index on the left. To access their websites click the mouse on the company logos once at the page.

I now work fulltime for the Bank of Montreal as a Server Support Analyst. I have been with the bank since July 2007. My thanks to Katherine Grishaber for the opportunity to work for the bank at FCP Toronto, and my subsequent move upwards and onwards.

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Not the real James Brannigan