Alenia Marconi Systems

For 17 months (May 99 - Dec 2000) I enjoyed working for Alenia Marconi, based out of the Cwmbran, Wales site, but detached to the King Faisal Air Academy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
During this time I was responsible for installing and commissioning the WCSF with Graham Veale. After Graham returned to the UK I was left as the sole engineer on site responsible for maintaing the equipment during the one-year warranty period.

Thanks also goes to:
Tony Casey - Project Manager. Took no stick, best project manager I had ever worked with (until Vicki Harris at CSC).
Mike McGrath - He helped out on the communications equipment so many times. Always grateful to you Mike.
Graham Veale, when I joined the hardware team doubled. The two of us taking flak from ten software guys.
Tony took a chance employing me for that project. The person they originally had in mind died and I was probably the only one left he could go with.
I had to learn everything in six weeks and then after installing it with Graham and the final commissioning in November 1999, they left me on my own, 3500 miles from Britain with only a mobile phone and an internet connection as my sole means of contact.

Thanks Tony, I have not looked back and wish you all the best where ever you are.
Cwmbran closed in early 2002, and everyone from the Saudi WCSF project have gone to pastures new.

To see the pictures after the system was installed, please click on the links below.

Saudi WCSF
Operations Room
Pilot Room
Supervisor Room
CBT Room
Saudi Living