BAE Systems

"Luckily" enough to be employed by BAE Systems twice.
Once as an Avionincs Engineer at Dharhan, Saudi Arabia from April 1991 until December 1998.
The second time as the Systems Engineer on the WCSF at the King Faisal Air Academy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from April 2001 until June 2002. Go to the Alenia Marconi Page.

During my time in Dhahran I had the oppurtunity to work with some very fine people:
Wayne Jones, brilliant Engineer and manager. Took a lot of stick about his work practices (Wayne's World) but was always ahead of everyone else.
Since 1998 he has been the Avionic and Simulator Advisor for the RSAF in Riyadh.
I was again, for a short time in 2001, responsible for reporting to him and our past relationship stood me in good stead.
I miss our games of golf together, boy can he hit that dimpled lump a fair distance.

Paul Crisp, Mr NIKE (Just do it) excellent socialiser and would do anything for you - out of work. I first met Paul when we worked together in RAF Laarbruch, Germany. He was on the Tornado Inertial Navigation equipment (FIN 1010) and I was the Jaguar specialist on the newer FIN 1064.

Steve Simpson
Adrian Rose
Colin Weeks
And loads more when I finish this page