Computer Sciences Corporation

Contracted to CSC on various contracts over a two year period.

Between June and November 2004, I was employed as the desktop and then laptop rollout enginner to the NHS at Quarry House, Leeds. Upgrading the laptops from Win95 to XP with Lotus Notes. The users were then shown how to dial in with Secure ID tokens.

For three months during 2004, April to June, I was asked to help out on the "restore desk" at CSC Preston. This involved remoting to the clients servers and restoring deleted and corrupt files at various sites around the country. The restores were carried out using either Veritas or Arcserve, depending on what the site had installed. Users are very thankfull after they are told their "accidently deleted" file has been replaced from tape.

December 2003 until April 2004 I was asked to join the desktop team at BAE Systems, Crewe Toll site in Edinburgh. Desktop support and proactive floor walking was the main task. It was fun walking around the site clearing up users issues that were a nause to them but they had always "put up with it". I met some of the guys worked with in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Gordon Davidson, Bill Findlay, Athole and Bob from the ECM shop.

For almost 17 months (July 2002 - December 2003) it was a pleasure to be contracted to CSC on the UN1TY project.

From the 16th of June 2003 until December 2003 I was working with Alenia Marconi Systems at their UK  headquarters in Frimley, Surrey and at Hillend, Fife, Scotland. That involved gathering software and testing it before sending it to the certification labs to be packaged. The project rolled out new builds to 3000+ desktops and laptops over multiple Alenia Marconi sites in the UK.
I was asked to join the deployment team by the project manager (Vicki Harris - CSC) who was also project manager for the rollout with BAE SYSTEMS Royal Ordinance Division. I worked on Vicki's team from August 2002 until that projects satisfactory completion in June 2003.

Working on the Royal Ordinance Division of BAE Systems from August 2002 involved rolling out NT 4.0 to desktops and Windows 2000 to laptops over multiple sites in the UK. The build image for each PC was either sent remotely from a local server using PowerQuest or built manually at the users workspace from over the network, with CD and Ghost software. Other tier 3 software was installed at the users workspace or sent to the unit with SDO. Trouble shooting of customers issues after the build was carried out either remotely using TNG, by telephone or visiting the user personally.

The Number one Rollout Team consisted of:
Vicki Harris - the best and most approachable Project Manager I have ever worked with.
Sarah-Jane Butterworth - Vicki's number 1, a great laugh who could not decipher my Scottish accent if her life depended on it. ( I am writing this slowly SJ so you can understand it - hoots mon!!!!!)
Andy Noah - a.k.a. Mr N or Leroy, brilliant Team Lead. Eating curry and dancing the night away while away from home soon made the week pass.
Kevin McPhillips - Best scripter and packager this side of a keyboard. If he cannot do it, then it is almost impossible. Thanks Kev.
Matt Eaves - a.k.a. Cartman, Cracking the whip on the poor engineers.
Paul Ratcliffe - a.k.a Ratty, Chauffer to Cartman and all round excellent "dude".
Freddy Dowsing - a.k.a. My Little Pony. Freddy has longer hair than most women and can touch type just as good.